Insurance for Senior Travelers

Visitors Travel Insurance for Senior Travelers age over 70 and 80 years

Insurance for Senior Travelers is proud to provide travel insurance for seniors who are upcoming travel to USA with age over 70 and 80 years. Senior often have some sort of pre-existing medical condition and with our unique expertise we will find the right coverage at the best price.

Older people are now travelling more than ever before, but as a retired holidaymaker, you may find that the cost of cover is now far more expensive than it was a few years previously. The Age is most important factors while considering a travel health insurance to purchase. Insurers Impose higher premiums to older travelers because statistically, they are more likely to make a claim, either for medical treatment abroad, or for a holiday cancelled because of ill-health.

As you grow old the chances of unexpected medical emergency will be high and even minor injuries or illness can lead to hospitalization. While traveling in a foreign country, insurance coverage is extremely important that can protect senior travelers from financial loss in case of an emergency situation. There are many medical travel insurance for seniors above 70 years of age with effective medical benefits.

For Senior persons in their 70's, most policies maximum amount is restricted up to $50,000 for comprehensive plans, while limited coverage plans only cover up to $75,000. For persons above 80 the policy maximum is even lesser than that. For Senior persons above 80, the maximum policy amount is just $15,000 for comprehensive plans ,while limited coverage plans only cover up to $70,000.

With, there is always a solution to get cheap travel insurance for seniors but with high quality coverage for your pre existing medical conditions.