Europe Travel Insurance

Europe Travel Insurance

Market research has shown that the top destinations for Brits holidays are all European. But one thing you shouldn't leave home without is a good travel insurance policy. Europe travel insurance is important if you are traveling to many countries in Europe, especially the Schengen countries.

One provider Punjab insurance offers great value European policies whether your off on a short break or extended trip. The plan also provides a range of high quality travel insurance benefits that are designed to offer coverage in the event of an unexpected accident or injury when you are abroad.

The Punjab insurance provides European Travel Insurance coverage for those students and travelers who are traveling to parts of Europe. European Travel Insurance cover for medical expenses, holiday cancellations and lost baggage etc, and Provides policies like single trip, annual ,Winter sports cover and backpacker policies for your European trip.

European travel insurance cover :

  • If your luggage, travel money and personal possessions are lost or stolen, you could recover the value of your items
  • Emergency medical treatment if you fall ill
  • Expenses from delays and cancellations (if you have to cut your trip short or if your flights are delayed)
  • Airline insolvency cover could come in handy if your airline goes bankrupt