Details of Obama Care

Whether you have private health insurance either through job, or through your parents under Obama care you get lot of benefits and protections.

  • Insurance companies are now required to cover Woman’s wellness visits, mammograms, birth control for women, and children’s immunization all without paying extra cost or fees.
  • Young adults can stay in their parents plan until they turn 26 years old.
  • If Insurance companies charges more than 20% of coverage on overhead and charge you extra premiums then they will have to send you a refund for the difference.
  • It is illegal to charge you higher premiums because of unexpected illness or have been sick in the past.
  • Charging Women more then men for the exact same coverage will also be considered illegal.
  • No more loads of paperwork explaining the terms and conditions, type of coverage explaining what is covered and what you are not covered for . Obama Care health insurance is a plain simple language stating your benefits and coverage. The process is made simple and easy.
  • Starting October 1st 2014 individuals without health insurance willing to buy insurance or those having private insurance. People can visit and check health care market place where they can see all of the health plans available in their area. These plans help you choose what benefits you can get and which suits your pockets. You can also find out if you can pay less on private insurance or whether you qualify for free or other low cost programs.
  • All the plans in the market place are required to cover a core set of essential health care benefits. For e.g. doctor’s visits, emergency care , prescriptions and lab tests. All emergency or mental health all comes standard. In addition benefits and protections available to people who already are covered under insurance, no cost preventive care, coverage for pre existing conditions and accountability for insurance companies you can all of that too.